Jeudi 15 mars, je suis (encore) absente

1. Study the past tense with this QUIZLET set (you've worked on it once): https://quizlet.com/_2289a3

2. Watch this little tutorial about a new type of auxiliary/helping verb and do the work.


Lundi 12 février en classe

Here is a series of 6 questions on Shannon. Go to Google Classroom to submit your answers via Google Docs. They will be graded. 
Please submit complete sentences. For instance, if a question asks Comment est-ce que tu es venu au lycée ce matin? Answer: Je suis venu au lycée en bus. Not just en bus. 


If you were absent this week

We did a practice reading in preparation for the quarterly exam. 
Here is the TEXT.
Here are the terms to look for in the text: 
And here are important tips in order not to feel overwhelmed. 


In class today and yesterday

On January 2, students wrote their schedules entirely in French, using the French terms for all the subjects they take at MOHS.

Questions were asked about their schedules: Qu'est-ce que tu vas avoir Block 3 demain?
Student participation points were awarded. 

Today, students wrote their B Day down out of memory. We discuss the contents. 
Then we started studying questions, like Qu'est-ce que...? (meaning what...) 
Here are the questions students came up with:
Qu'est-ce que tu bois? 
Qu'est-ce que tu manges?
Qu'est-ce que tu tapes?
Qu'est-ce que tu fais?
Qu'est-ce qui se passe? 

These need to be committed to memory for tomorrow (Thursday, January 4th).


Passage audio

Listen to the following audio passage (as many times as you need) and using the map of métro & RER, answer the following two questions: 
    • What is it about?
    • Would you have done anything differently?


Jeudi 7 décembre 2017

Vidéo n•1 à regarder: Prendre le RER de CDG à Paris! (The background music is annoying, but you will get all the necessary info)

Vidéo n•2 à regarder: comment naviguer le métro à Paris (it's in English!)

Vidéo n•3 à regarder: comment utiliser le métro à Paris (in English as well. There is some overlapping of information with video #2 but what matters is that you understand)