Q4 Quarterly

3 Quizlet sets to get you immersed in the passé-composé but also impératif (how to give commands):

Passé composé: https://quizlet.com/_2289a3

VANDERTRAMPP verbs: https://quizlet.com/_mukmc

Imperative: https://quizlet.com/_pxkq5 Focus on understanding the difference in sound between a command given to a group vs. a command given to one individual.


Absent(e)? Lisez ça!

Please look up the following places in Paris and give a quick description of what they are:

Le Palais de l'Élysée
Le Palais Bourbon
Le Jardin du Luxembourg (et le Palais du Luxembourg)


En classe vendredi 19 mai

I am absent today. We will start Tintin at some point next week. Two assignments for today: 

1. For now, using the photocopy I gave you in class yesterday, I would like you to answer the following questions in English. 
Who is Serbian?
What was Mœbius's real name?
What do FNAC stores sell?
What was Uderzo's role in Asterix books?
What do French supermarkets have that most American supermarkets don't?

2. Continue studying IMPÉRATIF on Quizlet.