Mercredi 26 avril en classe

Today in class, we started by watching a ShowMe video:
Students followed directions at the end of the video and entered their answers in the following Google form:


Your Q3 grade

By now, you have probably seen your Q3 fluctuate, somewhat drastically for some. The reason for this drastic change is the input of your Oral Proficiency grade, which does not belong in the same category as the rest of the quizzes you took throughout Q3. Your quizzes belong to the Evaluations category (which accounts for 10% of your quarter grade), and the Oral Proficiency, which reflects your capacity to speak, is in the Assessments category (which accounts for 60% of your grade). For some of you who performed well orally, you are seeing a good (or excellent) Q3 grade. Others (a minority in both my French 2CP classes), are disappointed. 
This discrepancy between Evaluations and Assessments is not my personal decision. If you would like to discuss this further, the best you can do is contact our school administration.