En classe jeudi 11 mai.

Je suis absente. 😶 Mais aujourd'hui, vous allez écouter un passage audio. 

1. Open your notes in the TRAVAIL section. 
2. You will listen to a series of 15 commands en Français.
3. Number 1 through 15 on your paper and write down what they mean in English only. Please specify if you hear commands made to a single individual/informal or to a group/formal.
4. On Friday, I will select 5 out of the 15 commands and you will have a quiz based on your understanding of them. 

If you cannot get the file to play, tap DOWNLOAD. It should open in a new window on Safari/Chrome. 

5. Let's finish with commands specifically tailored for the classroom on QUIZLET. If you have the QUIZLET app, search for the following set: Classroom Commands / Les Ordres de la Prof (make sure it's a MadameVanStone set).

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