Navigating Paris

If you were absent these past few days, here is what we have been up to:

  • We have been trying to navigate the Paris subway system
  • If you arrive at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport, how will you get to your hotel located near Vaugirard, for instance? What would be the best (and by best, I mean the one with fewer connections) itinerary to get there?
  • How many gares are there in Paris? Why?
  • Study this QUIZLET for travel and this QUIZLET for TPRs. 
  • Today, December 19th, students listened to this audio passage and had to answer questions in this Google Form. In order to complete this assignment, you will need your plan de métro


Je suis absente aujourd'hui.

Étudiant(e)s de Français 2:
Je suis absente aujourd'hui.
Yesterday, you sat through a portion of an old video. The protagonist, Robert, was arriving at Roissy-Charles De Gaulle. 

Here is what you are going to do today in the TRAVAIL section of your notes: 
1. Figure out and write what the text means.
2. Find the vocab listed below in the text. 


En classe le 6 décembre 2016

1. Make sure you copy the following on a page in the vocabulaire section of your notes: 
ALLER (to go)
Je vais
Tu vas
Il / Elle / On va
Nous allons
Vous allez 
Ils / Elles vont

2. Time yourself using a Google Timer (in the Chrome search window, type "timer 15 minutes") and study 15 more minutes of the QUIZLET on Voyages: 

3. Here is an old (1987!) video I need you to watch in its entirety. The protagonist is Robert. Watch, listen and try to comprehend what is going on:


Vocabulaire à étudier

Cliquez/Tapez sur ce lien pour étudier le vocabulaire: 
If you have the app on your phone, simply search for 
FrII Vocabulaire Je Repars


Pour l'examen

QUIZLET has been updated -- you can study all the TPRs you have learned so far. 

Also, here is a cloud of family members. For now, focus your learning on the "close" ones: ma mère, mon père, mon frère, ma sœur, mon beau-père, ma belle-mère, la femme, le mari, le fils, la fille. 

Make sure you know your classroom requests and your possessives («Charles est le frère de mon père» / «Ta mère est en prison?» / «Mes parents sont divorcés» / «Madame, je peux envoyer un SMS à votre mari, SVP?»). 


Quizlet parce que je suis absente!

I am absent today, and I need you to study two Quizlet sets to get comfortable with spelling. Use your earbuds if you have them!. Please use the duration of the block to work on these and get better. 

QUIZLET 1 -- les numéros (you've done this before)