Passage audio

Listen to the following audio passage (as many times as you need) and using the map of métro & RER, answer the following two questions: 
    • What is it about?
    • Would you have done anything differently?


Jeudi 7 décembre 2017

Vidéo n•1 à regarder: Prendre le RER de CDG à Paris! (The background music is annoying, but you will get all the necessary info)

Vidéo n•2 à regarder: comment naviguer le métro à Paris (it's in English!)

Vidéo n•3 à regarder: comment utiliser le métro à Paris (in English as well. There is some overlapping of information with video #2 but what matters is that you understand)


Jeudi 16 novembre

Je suis absente. 
Some of you prefer lists of vocabulary, so open this document if it helps visually. 

Using the family tree, write a series of 10 sentences in the TRAVAIL section of your notes about the people in it. For instance: 
Charlotte est la mère de Benoît. 

These sentences do not have to be true. You are encouraged to write lies. They, however, have to be grammatically correct. Next class, you should be able to submit them to the class orally. 

Work on QUIZLET for 10 to 15 minutes: https://quizlet.com/_1oupyq


Mercredi 18 octobre 2017

Listen to the following audio (if the audio fails to launch, tap/click "download", it will work) and write the ten numbers you hear in the TRAVAIL section of your notes.
Then, enter your answers in the following Google Form.

For the rest of the block, please study your TPRs in this updated QUIZLET set.

Do as much SPELL as you can until you master them.


Tomorrow, your phone number

Tomorrow in class, you will have an oral assessment during which you will say your phone number in French. You will first jot down the phone number on a card and simply say it. So tonight, please practice saying it fluently to yourself. 


Les chiffres!

I sent everyone a Remind message to make sure you spend 15-30 minutes studying your 0-100 numbers in French: https://quizlet.com/_smfqr


Speak the alphabet! Prononcez l'alphabet!

Click / Tap here to play the audio (m4a) file to which you will speak. If it says it cannot be played, tap "download". It will work.

 Play it and say it at least 4 times.