Absent(e)? Lisez ça!

Please look up the following places in Paris and give a quick description of what they are:

Le Palais de l'Élysée
Le Palais Bourbon
Le Jardin du Luxembourg (et le Palais du Luxembourg)


En classe vendredi 19 mai

I am absent today. We will start Tintin at some point next week. Two assignments for today: 

1. For now, using the photocopy I gave you in class yesterday, I would like you to answer the following questions in English. 
Who is Serbian?
What was Mœbius's real name?
What do FNAC stores sell?
What was Uderzo's role in Asterix books?
What do French supermarkets have that most American supermarkets don't?

2. Continue studying IMPÉRATIF on Quizlet. 


En classe jeudi 11 mai.

Je suis absente. 😶 Mais aujourd'hui, vous allez écouter un passage audio. 

1. Open your notes in the TRAVAIL section. 
2. You will listen to a series of 15 commands en Français.
3. Number 1 through 15 on your paper and write down what they mean in English only. Please specify if you hear commands made to a single individual/informal or to a group/formal.
4. On Friday, I will select 5 out of the 15 commands and you will have a quiz based on your understanding of them. 

If you cannot get the file to play, tap DOWNLOAD. It should open in a new window on Safari/Chrome. 

5. Let's finish with commands specifically tailored for the classroom on QUIZLET. If you have the QUIZLET app, search for the following set: Classroom Commands / Les Ordres de la Prof (make sure it's a MadameVanStone set).


En classe jeudi 4 mai.

Chers étudiants et étudiantes de ma classe 2CP de l'après-midi:

1. Here is a 10-minute video to watch and whose instructions are to be followed. Please fast forward and start the video at 6:27. Go until the end.

2. Using the vocabulary below, try to complete the sentences below that: 



Today, you will have the challenging task of reading and comprehending the first three paragraphs of an article which was not designed for language learners. The sentence structure and the vocabulary used will sometimes make it difficult for you to comprehend. But remember:

1. Go with what you know first.
2. Figure out the rest using context clues.
3. When searching vocabulary online (as a last resort), use the Larousse dictionary: http://www.larousse.fr/dictionnaires/francais-anglais and enter the word you are searching for in the Rechercher window: 

Write your comprehension of the article in the TRAVAIL section of your notes.